Experience nature

Protection of flora & fauna

Belize is home to an extraordinary flora and fauna. Here, you can find tapirs, peccaries, deer, jaguars, pumas, crocodiles and many bird species in a diverse ecosystem consisting of mangrove forest, tropical rain forest and rare dry forest.

Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CSFI)

Cologne Zoo supports the work of Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CSFI). The initiative manages three reserves in the north of Belize: Shipstern Nature Reserve, Honeycamp and Freshwater Creek. Since 2019 all three reserves are connected by a large biological corridor. The total area protected is now about 400 km².

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Refuge for the jaguar

All five cat species native to Belize are relatively abundant in Shipstern Nature Reserve: jaguar, puma, ocelot, margay and jaguarundi. Howler monkeys also give their concerts around. The offshore mangroves are home to a large population of manatees.

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The Rangers

The daily work of the rangers is very important to protect the area. Often rangers are on patrol for several days in the forest. Camera traps help them to survey the fauna.


A future thanks to ecotourism

Rangers of CSFI also provide guided tours for school classes and tourist groups. The camp also offers accommodation. Thus, more and more visitors become inspired for a unique flora and fauna.

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Plantations of hardwood like mahagony help to close gaps in the forest and to raise income.

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